Catasauqua Youth SA

Travel Soccer Programs (Tryouts Required)
  • U9-U16 Boys and Girls Teams (Birth Years 2004-2012)
  • $110 registration fee for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Season
  • Uniforms are a separate cost, prices are determined by individual teams.
  • Mandatory CYSA Fundraiser or fundraiser buy-out.
  • Optional team fundraisers for team expenses like tournament registrations, special training, and additional uniform pieces.

Travel soccer is for motivated, focused, and talented players who want to get more out of their youth soccer experience. CYSA's U9-U15 travel teams play in the Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League (LVYSL). Travel teams are separated by gender, and play on fields within a roughly 60-minute drive from Catasauqua. Scores are kept at games, and records and standings are kept by the league for older age brackets. Teams usually compete in multiple tournaments a year. Teams are fielded based on interested registrants and try-outs, Catasauqua residence is not required. If there aren't enough players for an age group, players may be asked to play-up or there may not be a team.

All CYSA travel coaches are licensed and trained volunteers and team activities are based on the interest of the team members. We believe travel soccer should be affordable, so we aim to keep registration and participation costs as low as possible and provide additional fundraising opportunities to cover other expenses. Some of our travel teams choose to participate in specialized camps and training sessions, tournaments, and/or winter indoor leagues. The combined cooperation and support of the parents, coaches, and kids leads to a soccer experience tailored to each individual team.

Despite our smaller size, lower costs, and volunteer status, CYSA travel teams are still an elite, competitive force. Our teams start young and stay together to build friendships and chemistry on the team as well as within the CYSA family. The Catty Cosmos U13 team were recently Fall 2015 league champs and they regularly compete in tournaments including the Sarah Parvin Memorial Tournament, Boyertown Blast Tournament and the Whitewater Cup. They have also recently competed indoor at the Iron Lakes and Turff Club indoor leagues. We believe our focus on teamwork, sportsmanship, athleticism, and discipline leads to many of our players being leaders in their schools, with high GPAs and participation in other sports and activities.

Try-Outs and Team Formation

Travel soccer teams are usually formed with a try-out process or by invitation from the team's coach(es). CYSA try-outs occur in the Spring for the following Fall and Spring seasons. Try-out details will be posted to the news feed of this website and to Facebook in early-to-mid Spring. Teams are usually formed in May or June.

As with all CYSA teams Catasauqua residence is NOT a requirement to participate in our travel program. If we have interested players in an age bracket but not enough to field a team we will gladly share details about other near-by organization's try-outs and teams. If you have a team that could use a couple players, please let us know so we can pass the information along to those that might be interested. Likewise, if your organization has a few players in an age group without a team, please let us know, as often a player or two can mean the difference between fielding a team and not fielding a team.

Age Brackets

US Soccer mandates official age brackets to be based on birth year and not school grade level. For LVYSL league play CYSA follows this mandate, and as such teams are now based on birth year as follows:

Birth Year 2019-2020 Season Age Groups
2011-2012 U9
2010-2011 U10
2009-2010 U11 (Thunder/Boys)
2008-2009 U12 (Boom!/Girls)
2007-2008 U13
2006-2007 U14
2005-2006 U15
2004-2005 U16


Q. What does my child need for soccer?

A. Your child should bring water, shin guards, soccer socks, and soccer cleats to each practice and game.

Shin guards are to be put under a sock to cover them so that if they break, it will be contained and so secure them during play.

Soccer cleats differ from baseball and football cleats. Soccer cleats do not have a spike at the tip of the toes so that you can get under the ball, and baseball/football cleats have a spike at the tip of the toe. If a referee sees that your child does not have soccer cleats or shin guards during the game, they will not allow them to play in that game.

Q. When are practices?

A. Practices are up to the coach. Most teams will practice twice a week on a set schedule. Please speak with the coach of the travel team you've been invited to play for regarding scheduling before registering and accepting a position on the team.

Q. When are games?

A. For LVYSL Travel teams, games can be on Saturdays or Sundays. Please talk to the coach regarding dates and times your player may not be available prior to the season starting.

Tournaments are typically on holiday or summer weekends and are attended based on the desires of the team. Please speak with the coach or team manager for details and to share availability for dates outside of the standard Fall and Spring seasons.

Q. Do we play in the rain and lightning?

A. LVYSL has explicit rules about not playing in thunder and lightning.

Travel practice cancellations are at the discretion of the coach as long as there is no thunder and lightning.

Travel Teams will play in the rain. Travel teams must show up to game and referee and coaches will determine if it is unplayable.

Q. Is there a fundraiser?

A. There is a mandatory CYSA fund raiser or buyout for the Fall season. CYSA fundraisers are subject to change each year, but in the past have been discount cards and lottery tickets.

Individual travel teams may choose to hold fundraisers to offset the cost of specialized uniforms or equipment, tournaments, training, or winter league play. Please speak with the coach and or team manager for details.

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.