Catasauqua Youth SA

CYSA Member Agreements
As a CYSA member you agree to the following policies during registration. The policies are listed here for reference.
CYSA Photo Policy
Posted Jan 5, 2020

On occasion CYSA posts pictures of players in either a posed group/team setting or from a candid action shot of a practice or game to the CYSA website or the CYSA Facebook Page(s). As a policy, CYSA does not ''tag'' or caption these photos with players' or parents' names. If your player appears in a photo and you would prefer that they did not, the photo may be removed or the player's face will be obscured, at the organization's discretion. All removals/obfuscations will be done on a picture-by-picture basis; as a volunteer-run organization CYSA does not have the time, resources, or manpower to preemptively review all pictures against a list of excluded players. For photo removals/obfuscations please send a link/URL to the photo in question to the current Communications Director with a description of your player in the photo so we know who needs to be removed/obscured.

CYSA Refund Policy
Posted Jan 5, 2020

CYSA will refund any player who registers and doesn't play as follows:
-Full refund prior to closing of registration (Date to be posted on website)
-Full refund minus 20% penalty if registration cancelled after registration closes but prior to first practice
-No refund after practice begins
-Full refund prior to first practice with Doctor's note or proof of job-related relocation
-Fall registrations will not be refunded in the Spring season.
-Uniform fees may be refunded for players receiving registration refunds up until the uniform is distributed. Once you take possession of the uniform it is yours.